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nepdubs asked:

Question; Where did you get the hoop skirt for your Fancy Dreamer Roxy cosplay? Or where could I find one like it?


i made it actually :0 i have absolutely no idea where you could acquire one because as far as i know something like that dosnt exist on the market so i just made one from scratch

the waist band is a thick leather weightlifters belt that i drilled holes in and cut off the buckle replacing it with velcro. i then got strips of aluminum, bent the edges and attached it to the belt with a rivet gun. after that i bent the vertical strips around a bucket so they’d all be symmetrical and calculated how wide i wanted the over all shape to be. from there i attached the bottom piece and then attached the rest of the horizontal pieces by drilling into the aluminum and securing it with a rivet gun. the total cost was about 100$ to make and i had the weightlifters belt lying around so it would cost more if i had to purchase one.

i choose aluminum because i needed it to be structurally sound and sturdy enough to last at a convention.




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